An anonymous confession blog for otherkin, headmate/f*ctive systems, therians and variations thereupon.
I've always felt that people who identify as things that are obviously not real are faking, and I know its terrible to doubt people, but some of these really are ridiculous.
I am a closet dragonkin. My girlfriend thinks kins are attention-seeking and that they're just stupid, and I know I will never be able to come out to her or anyone else, so Tumblr is my secret little safe haven.
Honestly the Otherkin that have urges to "hunt" animals and drink blood or whatever rly make me nervous like??? Idc if u think ur a cat don't go killin fucking birds like a savage. some of you guys need serious help
I think fictionkin are the dumbest thing ever. Like you think you're an anime?
im already otherkin but lately ive been feeling like there is another part of my kin that i havent discovered yet and its been bothering me a lot, i dont know what i could possibly identify as aside from my kins now and whenever i think about it i get a strange feeling inside.
I was really scared about coming out to my friends as otherkin, but when we started talking about it they all really understood! I was so happy that I could have my friends by my side!
When I encounter others who have the same fictive as me, I immediately find myself getting very hostile towards them. It's a feeling like "No, you're not me". I know it's petty and disrespectful to their identities, but I really really can't get along with those people...
I'm starting to realize I may be a FNAF fictionkin, and it scares me a little.
I think I might be waspkin...what do I do? How can I help feel closer to my inner kin?