An anonymous confession blog for otherkin, headmate/f*ctive systems, therians and variations thereupon.
I have a hard time explaining that I keep my furry fandom interests, Therianism, and sexual interests (related to pet play, tails and collars ect.) all separate and have no relation or correlation with each other.
I kind of want to look into Wicca and paganism and other stuff to help maybe find an explanation for my otherkin self but my best friend is hardcore Christian and would think I'm being possessed by a demon...
I am so glad I have found this blog, for a long time I have always identified as the mythical creature Cockatrice, cross between a rooster and a dragon, with the head of a rooster, full or partial dragon wings, and a combo of body scales and feathers. (this is an actual being before I get called a troll) and I would love to meet other people who also identify as a fierce, magical creature.
Hello, I honestly don't know who to tell and I feel very strange about this because I used to make fun of otherkin but I honestly feel like a... burgerkin. It's sounds so dumb but does anyone else identify and feel as if they're food? I don't have a fetish to be eaten or something but still. I just hope someone else out there is like me.
[suicide tw] I think being angelkin contributes to my suicidal ideation sometimes. whenever things get hard in a human way I just want to go home.
to the honorary pack member fox anon; i'm in a very similar situation, i'm also a fox but stuck in a pack of teen wolves. i feel really out of place.

[regarding this post]

Am I the only one who thinks a certain feline mod on the werelist shouldn't be a mod? It might just be me, but either he/she has demonstrable reading comprehension issues or simply does not know how to act as an impersonal mediator. I'd bring this up to them personally, but I have no intentions of ever joining the forum. Nor do I wish to be textually abused.
I sounded to me like fabric anon was objectkin....
Guys? Guys. Hey. If you feel different AFTER awakening, then you're not otherkin. And that's awesome. A rich, untamed imagination is something to celebrate!