An anonymous confession blog for otherkin, headmate/f*ctive systems, therians and variations thereupon.
honestly, as robotkin, i'm tired of the pretentious bullshit against being tech-kin, and the terrible "u can't be a toaster lol" jokes. just because you can't understand my identity doesn't mean it's less valid than your own.
Being vegetarian but because of your kintype you can't help but drool to raw meat
im a deitykin (specifically sun wukong and occasionally hanuman) and i still feel super guilty about identifying as somehow connected to a god from another culture and from a religion im not exactly entirely a part of. i try to be respectful, but i'm still worried about offending people!
my friend is doing research right now to figure out ways to awaken my kitsunekin, and I'm honestly terrified that there will be nothing there to be awakened to. What if I find out that, this whole time I've been saying I'm otherkin, I'm not otherkin at all? That my little habits that I think my kitsunekin does are just unexplainable happenings? I'm so scared.
Don't be afraid to admit being wrong about your kin-type. Sometimes the first idea that pops into our head isn't necessarily the right one in the long run.
I feel conflicted; I identify as the Predator and the prey-- a dragon and a sheep. I am often the sheep- but the dragon is there. I feel it in my heart.
I think my kintype is an undiscovered extinct species.
Tw for hate I guess, I have yet to see anything approaching evidence that fictionkin aren't just a bunch of teenagers taking fandom way too far.
I awoke as an angelkin around the same time a few other people I know as acquaintances did, which would be nice, except that they're all people that I always thought kind of disliked me. I'm a low ranking guardian angel, and a vast majority of other angels I've met are like, seraphs and cherubs...I get the distinct impression they find me and my kind annoying, or not worth their time and support. It's lonely.
As an otherkin, I'm very disappointed by the community. It seems like it's all just a group of teenagers/young adults whining about being oppressed when they actually aren't, collecting new labels/kintypes like they're Pokémon balls, and circle-jerking into Polyvore outfit creator. Can't we do anything remotely productive?