An anonymous confession blog for otherkin, headmate/f*ctive systems, therians and variations thereupon.
Before the internet was there ever an "other kin community?" I get that it helps y'all cope with mental illness but don't you think you might be taking it too far?
half the reason I'm afraid to get involved with the otherkin community is that I'm pretty sure I'm a fallen angel and I don't know how other angels would react to that
I wish starcarcherofficial would reblog more sharks. There are only like two Sharkkin blogs and mairs one of them. Mim doesn't have to but it would be cool
I'm frustrated that there isn't a lot of information for phoenixkin.
sometimes i think i might be spacekin (i dont think i'd ever make this publicly known/join any kin communities, it all just seems rly toxic and uncomfortable). ive just always felt like being part of such a larger picture is relaxing; it makes me feel comfortable. and idk ive just always felt very connected to the universe or smthn. i just thought id put this here because i doubt ill ever tell anyone else. cool!! yes. bye!!
I'm otherkin as fuck, but still feel stupid for trying to reciprotively groom my cat when I was 16/17. Oh well I can still show her affection in other ways. [I'm still bummed my tongue isn't right [like a feline's is].] lol nested quotes.
I'm on the fence as to if I'm plural or median. Still. My only distinct other is oddly like the extreme version of myself and it almost makes me think I'm not actually plural. He doesn't front. (That i know of) I just "feel" different but my perception never changes as far as I can tell. I don't know how to tell when something is just a side of a median vs an other in a plural system.
Hi guys, I'm not here to bash anyone but I was looking through otherkin tags, out of curiosity and came across head mates. This is extremely concerning to me. Maybe it is a real thing but I think anyone experiencing this should at least consent a psychologist to make sure it isn't schizophrenia. I had a family member who was schizophrenic that didn't believe they were.
I used to be dismissive of otherkin stuff in general but I think I might be realizing I'm deerkin and... yeah idk
I feel very lucky to be surrounded bu other therians, but they're all a wolf pack, and I'm the awkward fox standing in a corner. They've honourarily accepted me into their pack, but I can't help but just not feel quite right...